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Fingerprinting Las Vegas

Digital Live Scan Fingerprinting in Las VegasWalk-in 10am-2pm & 4pm-7pm.

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Gaming Fingerprints are our specialty. If your employer gave you a gaming referral (initial or renewal) stop in!

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Nevada Dept. of Education (Clark County public schools) employees all need fingerprints. Read what you need before you come in!

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Nevada State Board of Nursing requires fingerprints every 5 years. Read what you need before you come in!

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We do fingerprints for ALL Nevada licenses that allow digital Live Scan fingerpriting including real estate, contractors, marijuana, home care, physical therapy, document preparer, and hundreds more.

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If you need fingerprints for PILB make sure you read the very important instructions.

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CCW licenses must go to LVMPD for fingerprints. Find details here.

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